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About MBTI


The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), based on the work of Carl Jung, helps people gain both self-insight and greater understanding of others, resulting in improved working and personal relationships.


It is a fantastic tool for leadership development and team working, and I often use the MBTI and personality type in leadership coaching and in team building. It has many layers and applications.  At a basic level, understanding of personality type helps people to:


  • Understand their preferred ways of taking in information, making decisions and interacting with other people
  • Have insight into how their preferences differ from those of other people and how this can lead to conflict
  • Appreciate the strengths and qualities that they and others contribute at work
  • Communicate better and work more effectively with people who have different preferences


Immediate practical benefits of a team workshop include being able to manage meetings to give everyone a say, provide information in a way that is meaningful to others, solve problems by taking all relevant factors into account, and make better decisions.


What my clients say.....

"The way we talk to each other has changed, we are discussing more things face to face and emailing much less.  There is also more tolerance in management meetings now....I have changed the way I present tasks to different team members and I've noticed that the team are getting things done more quickly.  It has helped me spot other people in the wider team too where I need to adapt my usual approach.  I think every management team should do it" Keith Loveday, Head of Business, Harrogate Audi

"Catherine coached me and helped me understand Myers-Briggs, providing valuable insight into how people's types can influence their behaviours and thinking! Really interesting to work through this with Catherine who was able to 'bring to life' the MB types"  Dawn Williams, Business Architecture and Planning Manager, United Utilities

For more information on personality type and the MBTI, see BAPT
At more advanced levels, I use personality type to help people:
  • Identify their unique leadership style and behaviours
  • Build rapport and communicate more effectively
  • Value the qualities and appreciate the motivations of others
  • Reduce unnecessary conflict and stress
  • Navigate change for themselves and others
  • Develop strategies to engage people of other personality types

Personality type is highly versatile and applicable in many contexts, not only business.  In education, teachers can apply it to develop a wider range of teaching strategies to engage different types of pupil.  Here are some endorsements from teachers I have worked with: 

"Many thanks for all the work you have done with our staff this year  - it is greatly appreciated and has generated more discussion than any other CPD event!

As always very good feedback from yesterday, everyone is very impressed and….. a really nice atmosphere".

Darran Jones, Assistant Head Teacher, Christleton High School