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Team Effectiveness and Engagement
"Much of the wisdom of teams lies in the disciplined pursuit of performance" (Katzenbach and Smith)
High performing, engaged teams are essential for any organisation's success (Engaging For Success 2009), but they don't just happen - facilitated workshops are a key way to engage team members, ensure they are pulling in the same direction and are motivated to excel.
"Teams that score highly on engagement attribute their high score to team spirit, with the line manager an important part of its creation" (Institute of Employment Studies 2012)
To be effective, team members not only have to be clear on their common goals or purpose, they also need the right processes and climate in place to support inter-dependent action.
I draw on a wide range of team building techniques and management models, and also use tools such as the MBTI and Interaction Styles to enable team members to improve their communications and decision making.
Team-building at Archwood

What my clients say...
"This programme resulted in a greater consistency and quality of management.  Managers now:
  • have an increased understanding of themselves and others
  • can adapt their management style to the situation and the individual
  • are more aware of their impact on others" 

 Angela Wagstaff, HR Director

The programme was built around the Interaction Styles framework, with a focus on Emotional Intelligence.

   How it works




"Catherine worked with us as a facilitator of high performance teams.  Her systematic, enthusiastic and professional approach delivered great feedback from the managers and teams she worked with.  She brought her wide-ranging experience, constructive challenge and considerable knowledge to enhance our toolkit and skills"  Joan Walsh, OD Facilitator, United Utilities



Typically, the goal of a facilitated workshop is to enable team members to work more effectively together, by

  • clarifying their purpose 
  • developing their relationships 
  • improving their processes.  


This diagram illustrates the model of team effectiveness which underpins many of the workshops I run; each one is designed specifically to address the key issues in the team, following diagnostic consultation with the leader and others. 


I often include action learning methods and work with teams on how to manage specific changes.


For tips on running effective meetings, see Meetings Top Tips



"We finished the day highly motivated and with team dynamics significantly altered.  Over the following two months, we revisited the goals we had set weekly and carried every point through.  We then did a follow up day with Catherine...this day had an even bigger impact on the team dynamics and considerably improved the inter-team communication....the team had gone from one of eight high performing individuals focused on their own careers, to eight high performing team members working for the benefit of the entire department"  Cathy Forbes, Customer Service Manager, Pindar Set

 Recent Assignments
  • Team Synergy workshops for management teams in Audi Centres
  • Team building workshops for senior leadership teams in Engineering and HR at Airbus
  • Facilitation of the senior team of a scientific organisation in the medical sector to manage the implementation of a major change project
  • Workshop for two teams in conflict to help them find more productive ways of working together to achieve their common goal
  • Workshops on "Understanding Yourself and Others" (using MBTI) for teachers at Cheshire High Schools to improve communications and pupil engagement
  • Facilitation of the board of governors of a charity to help them clarify their purpose and their personal contributions to the board
  • Team development workshops for a customer service team at Pindar - see Case study


All workshops incorporate practical exercises based on real work experience and are directly transferable to the workplace