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Personal Development Programme for Professionals in Education 

Personality type is a highly versatile tool with many applications, and with its positive psychology ethos, is uniquely suited to the world of education.  This integrated development programme enables teaching staff to personalise their learning according to their priorities and needs.   


At the core module, participants gain:

  • an understanding of their own personalities and behaviours,
  • recognise why they sometimes have misunderstandings with people who are different from them
  • learn how to adapt their approach to build better relationships and outcomes.


Once the basics are grasped, the learning can be enhanced and applied in many different ways, depending on individual development needs and priorities.  At subsequent modules, participants learn how to apply their knowledge of personality type to specific contexts, such as leadership, team-working and teaching.


Personality type is a framework for differentiation and guides you in developing strategies to engage all types of student.


This integrated approach to development is highly cost effective, as subsequent modules reinforce the intitial learning, and participants need only attend the modules most relevant to them.


The core module, which must be completed first, takes around 6 hours and can be run in one session or two half sessions.  The follow-up modules are all 2-3 hours, so can easily be incorporated into continuing professional development programmes.  They are stand-alone and can be taken in any order.


The workshops are participative with a strong focus on action planning for application back at work.  Full notes are provided, together with references for further learning.




 Integrated Modules


What my clients say........

“Many thanks for all the work you have done with our staff this year - it is greatly appreciated and has generated more discussion than any other CPD event!”  Darran Jones, Assistant Head Teacher, Christleton High School

“The feedback I received on Friday was all positive. They really enjoyed the workshop and felt it was very helpful having quality time together and that they understood each other better, so thank you”. Helen Windsor, Deputy Head Teacher, Bishop Heber High School

“Very good, you packed a lot of material into a short amount of time. It was engaging, well-paced and very useful”. James Partington, Schools Direct trainee

"I'm going to offer students more opportunities to develop their weaknesses and give them time to enjoy their strengths" Jen O'Hare, Teacher


"I will vary my lessons in a more structured manner, better balancing the frequency with which students of different types are best challenged" Maxwell Hornby, Art Teacher


"I will continue to look for and celebrate differences" Jane Davies, Maths teacher