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Leadership Coaching
"Coaching is unlocking a person's potential to maximise their own performance" (Whitmore)
Coaching is now widely recognised as an essential and highly effective tool for developing people, and organisations rank it top of their most effective talent management strategies, (CIPD Annual Survey Report 2013).
I use a variety of tools and techniques, including psychometrics if appropriate, to add insight and depth to clients' self-awareness and understanding of the challenges they face. I want to help my clients appreciate their unique gifts and learn how to use them to achieve their goals and build better relationships with others - and how to adapt their style to different situations.
I empower clients to turn vague intentions into specific action plans and my aim is that they leave coaching sessions with a positive outlook.


What my clients say......

"Coaching has been an absolutely worthwhile process with definite visible benefits to the person being coached and to the business"

Eryl Stafford, Director of Engineering Operations, KCom

"Catherine became more challenging and helped me reflect and work on areas of focus.  We built a genuine open relationship where I looked forward to the coaching sessions and sharing my experiences, positive and negative, and being coached on them.  Catherine gave me some really valuable leadership knowledge which I use daily"

Daniel Lloyd, Process Manager, Airbus



"I found Catherine to be an excellent coach, she has helped me to pick out some of the key issues which needed attention in my team and encouraged me to come up with ways in which I could deal with them. Catherine is particularly enthusiastic, easily develops a rapport and makes working together a very enjoyable experience"

Mark Satchwell, Scientific Services Manager, United Utilities



"I would have no hesitation in recommending Catherine to others"

Tony Griffiths, Regional Network Manager, United Utilities

How it works





 Recent Assignments  


  • Accredited Coach for Airbus, currently working with several managers to develop as inspiring and influential leaders
  • Leadership Coach for Heads of Business of Audi Centres in the North-West of England
  • Coaching for senior female managers in IT, focused on helping them create a vision of themselves as leaders
  • Business Facilitator and Coach at United Utilities working with leaders to help them engage their staff and build high performing teams, which resulted in improvements in engagement as measured in their annual employee opinion survey - see case study Team Coaching for Engagement
  • Leadership coaching of 36 managers in a printing company based on 360° feedback and MBTI profiles - see Case Study