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Assessment and Selection
"The best is twice as good as the worst" (Clark Hull)

Choosing the right people for your business is critical.  Making a selection decision is one of the most important decisions managers make; research shows that high performers are worth between 40 – 70% more to their organisations than average performers.  Getting it wrong can be very expensive.

The key to getting it right is to be clear on what you are looking for and to use the right selection methods that will enable you to find it. 



What my clients say...


"Our recruitment and selection course was delivered in a well-structured manner to a diverse range of colleagues. The content met all our needs and I found the practical advice on preparation and evaluation especially useful."

Paul Diggory, Chief Executive, North Wales Housing

"An excellent course, highlighting a number of subtle aspects of interview techniques that I was previously not aware of. I look forward to using these new skills soon. Very clear, very understandable, very entertaining!” 

Matt Addie, Astra Zeneca

How it works....

Your selection process should help you find the candidate who best matches the job requirements. 

Whatever methods you choose, you need to be confident that they will enable you to find the best person for the job.



  • See Interview Top Tips for practical guidance on interviewing

    Recent Assignments


    • Associate Assessor with a&dc working on complex assessment centres
    • CMI Level 5 Recruitment and Selection training courses for the EEF   
    • Interview skills training for managers at AMEC leading to better selection decisions
    • Training in “How to be Interviewed” for the North West Development Agency to build skills and confidence when applying for jobs
    • Selection consultancy for North Wales Housing including how to evaluate interview performance
    • Competency based interviewing for Astra Zeneca